“Mixing Western and Indian instruments and styles, this five piece band transports the audience across the world to celebrate traditions in unique and innovative arrangements”

Edinburgh Fringe, 2022

Produced by Matt Keegan & Richard Belkner

Raju Das Baul – khamak / lead Vocals (tracks 1,5,7)
Deo Ashis Mothey – guitar / esraj / percussion/ lead vocals (tracks 3,6,9)
Gaurab Chatterjee – drums / dubki / lead vocal (track 2)
Matt Keegan – saxophones / clarinets / octatrack / juno 06 / All horn, string & synth arrangements

Additional musicians:
Véronique Serret – Violin (Tracks 7, 9)
David Wicks – Viola (Tracks 7, 9)
Heather Lindsay – Cello (Tracks 7, 9)
Declan Kelly (Track 2+3) – drums
Finn Ryan (Track 6) – drums

Recorded & mixed at Free Energy Device Studios by Richard Belkner
Midi programming & Editing: Matt Keegan & Niall Cameron
Mastered: Michael Lynch
Executive Producer: Amy Curl

The third album from Australian-Indian group The Three Seas, Afterlife, reveals a new direction, bringing together influences from funk, dub and pop, whilst being uplifted by the majestic spirit of Baul and Himalayan-folk traditions.

Afterlife was inspired and created using samples and loops taken from the bands previous two albums Haveli (2013) and Fathers, Sons & Brothers (2018). Keegan prepared a pre-recorded underscore to establish tempos, moods and key centres. In this way the international ensemble could take advantage of the limited rehearsal and studio time available to them during their India/Australia tour in 2018. Sydney based drummers Declan Kelly and Finn Ryan were also initially invited to contribute beats to underpin the pre-production process. The music came to life when Raju Das, Gaurab Chatterjee and Deo Ashis Mothey overdubbed their folk melodies, poetry, vocals, rhythms and improvisations in focussed sessions at Free Energy Device studios, Sydney. Co-producer Richard Belkner created an arresting electro-acoustic sound world.

The Three Seas collaboration is driven by the idea that musical partnership can facilitate intercultural exchange. Keegan explains, “it’s typical for westerners to come and attempt to create collaborations with Hindustani or Carnatic musicians and call it fusion, but I’ve found this project to be very different. It has an earthier edge that feels much more organic and honest. I’m charged with ensuring our musical worlds come together in an authentic way, without being too concerned about what style it is. Whether you’re into jazz, rock, electronic or Bengali folk…

“the music is intended to convey joy and resonate universally.”

Released November 2, 2018

fathers, sons & brothers


Produced by Matt Keegan and Richard Belkner
Edited by Matt Keegan and Richard Belkner
Engineered and mixed by Richard Belkner – Free Energy Device Studios
Mastered by Micheal Lynch
Album art by Daniel O’Toole
Graphic Design by Alasdair Nicol


Raju Das Baul – Lead vocals, Khamak, percussion.
Deoashish Mothey – Lead vocals, guitar, dotara, esraj, murchunga, percussion.
Matt Keegan – Baritone Sax.
Steve Elphick – Acoustic Bass.
Gaurab “Gaboo” Chatterjee – Drums and dubki

Special Guests

Track 3: Ben Hauptman – 12 String Guitar
Track 11: James Greening – Trombone, Carl Dewhurst – Electric Guitar

‘Fathers, Sons & Brothers’ is the second album from cross-cultural folk-jazz group, The Three Seas. The music combines the ancient and the original and reflects upon the different roles the band members play in family life. Since recording their debut album ‘Haveli’ in 2013 the group have thought about their creative output and developed a deeper understanding of their sound. The new music on this beautiful album is a reflection of this process and captures a more authentic, acoustic, robust and honest sounding band.

Traditional Baul, carnatic and nepalese folk songs have been exquisitely arranged by the group and feature the vocal talents of Raju Das Baul and Deoashish Mothey. Original works utilising the diverse array of instruments at the groups disposal make up the rest of the album from composers Matt Keegan, Gaurab Chatterjee and Deoashish Mothey.

Local Sydney jazz legends invited to play on the album include Steve Elphick, Carl Dewhurst, James Greening and Ben Hauptman.

‘Fathers,Sons & Brothers’ was recorded in Sydney, Australia at Free Energy Device Studios by co-producer Richard Belkner.

Released February 6, 2014



Matt Keegan – alto clarinettenor saxophone
Raju Das Baul – vocals
Cameron Deyell – guitar
Deoashish Mothey – dotaramakwaesrajvocals
Gaurab ‘Gaboo’ Chatterjee – drumspercussion
Tim Keegan – electric bass

Richard Belkner – recording engineer

India – circa 1920 – deep in the Rajasthan desert – a stunning Italian inspired structure is built in the tiny town of Bagar.  The Piramal Haveli was commissioned by wealthy merchants to honor the visit of the Maharaja of Jaipur, who rode through the specially designed Piramal Gate to great fanfare on elephant back.  Nearly one hundred years later, in January 2013, the Haveli was transformed into a recording studio for the purpose of capturing the innovative sounds of an exciting new project – The Three Seas.

The resulting album ‘Haveli’ is available on Yum Yum Tree Records.  On ‘Haveli’ listeners can expect a soulful, song based repertoire with a diverse array of voices and unusual instruments, no Tabla’s or Sitar’s here.  Many of the grooves were generated from the sounds of traditional Baul instruments like the Khamak, ektara and dubki.  The Piramal Haveli itself played a huge part in the feeling of the music made there.

Some of the beautiful sounds include the deep resonance of the merchants hall, the shimmering reverb from the tiled washrooms, the peaceful atmosphere of the courtyard, and the eerie calm of the chambers at night.