Transcendence: The Three Seas with Papia Das

London, England

Brady Arts Centre

7:30 PM

The Three Seas fuses modern Australian jazz with Baul Music and Folk Music of West Bengal and Bangladesh and Nepal.

About this event


With Special Guest Artiste

Papia Das Baul

“Astonishingly beautiful and powerful” Julie Robins,

“Weaving a beguiling tapestry of jazz, rock and Indian folk music … an immersive festival highlight”, Jessica Nicholas, The Age

“A rare sound of joy” Debolina Sen, The Times of India

The Three Seas fuses modern Australian jazz with West Bengali and Nepalese folk music creating a unique, soulful sonic imprint that radiates joy. Soaring Baul vocals, a menagerie of traditional stringed instruments, Himalayan mystique and West Bengali beats are juxtaposed against the deep groove of the baritone saxophone creating an energetic, uplifting musical alchemy.

The remarkable bandmates were drawn together by mutual respect for their distinct and diverse cultural origins and shared passion for creating songs that resonate universally.

A collaborative project ten years in the making, the band has released two albums to critical acclaim and tour regularly in Australia and India. Recent performances include The Indian Museum Kolkata, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Kochi – Muzuiris Biennale, Parramasala Festival, Royal Mumbai Opera House, OzAsia Festival.

When experiencing the band live, audiences are transported into their supernatural world.


Raju Das Baul – vocal + khamak

Deo Ashis Mothey – vocal + esraj + dotora + guitar

Gaurab Chatterjee – drums + dubki

Matt Keegan – saxophone + clarinet

Brendan Clark -electric bass

Venue Details

192 - 196 Hanbury St
London, E1 5HU