For those unfamiliar with some of the instruments featured in the band:

Khamuk (strummed percussion) 

The khamak is a one headed drum with two strings attached to it that are strummed with a plectrum made from buffalo horn and pulled to alter the pitch to dramatic effect. 

Dubki (hand drum).  

Single headed drum designed to be held in one hand and struck with the fingers of the other.  The pitch can be altered by the hang holding the instrument by pressing the fingers against the skin.

Dotara (Bengali banjo), 

The dotara is a fretless string instrument that sounds and is played in a similar fashion to the banjo.  Although Dotara means two strings – most have three or four.  Two are used to finger and change pitches while the others are employed to create drone and resonance.

Esraj (bowed fretted harp)

The esraj has four main strings which are bowed, a medium length sitar like neck that has 20 metal frets and a rack of 12-15 sympathetic strings.  It is rested on the knee of the sitting player.